Wednesday, April 11, 2007

LID Network

Our agency provides a nice service for their adoptive parents. If you sign up for the LID Network, they will provide you with the name and e-mail addresses of other clients who have an LID during the same month. I've "met" 2 new friends...Kari and Anne. Our LIDs are within a day of each other, so there is a VERY good chance that we will be in the same travel group. It will be fun to get to "know" them during the long wait.

Friday, April 6, 2007

We have our LID!!!!!

We just received word that our dossier was logged in yesterday! Our official LID is 4/5/07. We are so excited! This date is very important because this is when we begin our countdown. We're hoping that the wait time to referral begins to go down, but it is currently at 16-18 months and could go as high as 3 years. I'm choosing to be an optimist and hold out hope that it will eventually get shorter. Either way, time will pass and the trick is to keep busy, which I certainly don't have a problem doing! I know that when we finally receive our referral, it will be for the child that is meant to become a part of our family. Stay tuned for more updates!